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NicFit Open Day 26-05-2012


Personal Training and Open Gym in Kidderminster

We offer a unique training experience that will enable you to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.  Our instructors all have a passion for fitness which comes across in every session.   Train on your own in our functional open gym, 1:1 or in a group with our Personal Trainers.  We guarantee to keep you motivated and help you find your love for fitness.

“Get Fit With NicFit”.

COVID-19 Guidance


o Please ensure that you have registered on our website and pre-booked your session.
o If you feel unwell or are showing any symptoms, then please do not attend.
o Sessions can be cancelled through our website at any time but please give 24 hour’s notice wherever possible to allow others to book the slot.
o All memberships and payments must be made online prior to your session.  We will not except cash.
o Please use the parking spaces provided but do not enter the gym until your session is due to begin.
o Bring a sweat towel with you to each session and take it home at the end of your session.  Avoid wiping your eyes, mouth and nose.
o Bring your own water bottle to each session and take it with you when you leave.
o Please keep all of your belongings with you at all times.
o For each room please enter the building through the left-hand door and exit through the roller shutter door.
o Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and exiting the building.  You may also bring your own.
o Our changing rooms will be out of use, but you may use the toilets.
o Move clockwise around each room to get to your training area.
o Maintain social distancing throughout.
o Leave the building as soon as your session time is up.
o We recommend that you wear a face mask, but this is not compulsory.
o A full risk assessment will be available to view within the gym.


Group sessions

o All of our group sessions will take place in the main gym.
o Spin classes will be limited to 20 people and all other classes will be limited to 11 people.
o Spin bikes will be set out with a minimum of 1 meter between each bike.
o All bikes will be cleaned by our instructors before and after each class.
o During MilitaryFit, Boot Camp, HIIT and Boxing you will have a 2 square meter training area with your own equipment.  
o All equipment will be cleaned before and after each session by our instructors.  


GymFit sessions

o GymFit sessions can be pre-booked on our website and there is a maximum of 6 people per session.
o You must clean all of the equipment you use before and after use.
o NicFit staff will do another clean after the morning sessions and again after the evening sessions.


Personal Training 1:1 or Group sessions

o These sessions will take place in the Red Room during busy periods.
o Please wait outside for your PT to get you prior to your session.
o Your PT will clean all of the equipment used before and after each session.